Is The Environment A Better Place Without Plastic Carrier Bags?

environment plastic carrier bagThe biggest ban on plastic carrier bags is now in Los Angeles in the United States. However, amongst the many shoppers there are many mixed feelings.

Many shoppers are in favour of the ban for the main reason of the benefit for the environment. Others are not happy about the additional cost to buy other types of bags, such as reusable or paper bags.

Does Banning Plastic Carrier Bags Really Help The Environment?

A few years ago China stopped all shops from giving away bags for their shopping. The only way you would get a plastic carrier bag is if they paid.

Furthermore, China ceased production, along with sales and use of extremely thin plastic bags (less than 0.025 mm thick)

Promoting Your Company Throughout Your Local Area

Company promotionPromoting your company to gets the right customers through your doors to then make a sale can be an extremely difficult task.

If you live in a small town, there are many problems to overcome compared to the luxury of promoting throughout a larger city.

The Problems Promoting Throughout A Small Geographical Area

The main problem is the size of your potential business audience. In a smaller town then the more it will cost per customer in order to attract that customer. Unlike in a city where you can reach out to a good number of prospects in one good promotion.

Promoting your company in a small town, you may need to use several forms of media to get your message out there, such as using various local newspapers, radio stations, flyers and brochures, etc.